Monday, November 4, 2013

David's Brown Restaurant, Penang Hill

When we talk about Penang, the first thing cross our mind must be the food! Yes, Penang was rich with their uniqueness of building and ultimate food. I go to have a dinner at a restaurant called David Brown’s Restaurant. It is situated at the top of Penang Hill. Can you imagine there is a restaurant there?  To reach to the top of the hill, there was a tram, which connects to the hill from the ground. You can have a very best view in Penang from the top of the hills once you reached there.

The view from the top of Penang Hill.

Entrance to the Sky Terrace and David's Brown Restaurant

Before I go for the food, let me tell you little bit about this place. The place first was a strawberry field that manages by Captain David Brown who was took the place after Captain Francis Light leave Penang. The place also was known as strawberry hill with the cool whether that suit the live of strawberry. And after David Brown’s dead, there was Chinese manager took the place by opening a Kopitiam style foodservice dining. After sometimes, the owner of the restaurant changed and named the restaurant upon on Captain David Brown’s name and offers a very leisurely kind of dining service and operated until now. The design of the restaurant was affiliated like the smoke house located in Cameron Highland that provides restaurant and hotel but here in Penang, there was no hotel provided.

 There is also facilities provided by the restaurant such as a seminar room, old-fashion washrooms, beautiful gardens and here also accept any reservation for event such as wedding ceremony. The operation hour for the restaurant started from 9.00 am until 9.00 pm and the last called for order will be end at 8.30 pm every day.

All the food was cooking in healthy style way. The food cooked using the traditional grilled process and all the food was made start from the scratch. You can taste the original flavor of the food produce by the talented chef.

Some view from the restaurant and the seminar room as the facility provided.

The meal consist of appetizer, soup, main course and dessert at the end of the meal. As for the start, I had a Caesar salad served with anchovies and balsamic dressing. The fresh salad and the shocking taste of dressing enhance my appetite to get have the next course. After clean up my appetizer, I spoon my soup as it serve in front of me and it is French Onion Soup accompanied with soft bun. I can taste the complete seasoning as lil bit salty and the soft bun help me to balance the taste and it is yummy. Highlight of full course meal must be the main course allowing Chicken Stroganoff to make me smile. Butter rice and sautéed vegetables accompanied the dish as for a complete meal in order to fill the stomach. It is my first time to hear the name of the menu. It is a chicken stew with thick creamy gravy; mushrooms, diced tomatoes and capcicum and small portion chicken make it easier to eat. The harmony taste from the chicken broth gives the satisfaction.  

Caesar salad served with Anchovies and Balsamic Dressing

French Onion Soup

Chicken Stroganoff served with Butter Rice and Sauteed Vegetables

Apple pie a la mode ( with ice cream )

The time is come! Dessert really makes me cry. Apple pie a la mode means there is apple pie and ice cream. What makes me more impressed, I can taste that the ice cream is original ice cream made by the chef. I enjoy every single bite of the dessert. The apple pie may look ordinary but the taste is good.  Balance taste of the crust and filling that not too sweet with cinnamon aroma releasing delectable taste to the palate. I bet the filling is made by the chef of the restaurant because of the texture, the way of the apples sliced and the taste is not sweet as the ready-made apple filling. Pure strawberry puree spread on the plate not just contributes to the appearance but it is so tasty. Combination of these three elements in one bite brings you to the other world which it can’t be describe. For the person who really loves dessert like me, the price may not be an issue but upgrading the size will makes me happier.

apple pie apple pie apple pie a la mode

This restaurant get a lot of attention from the guest especially tourist because of the nature environment and the cold weather plus the awesome view of Penang that can be seen from the restaurant drive them to be known and be a port for them to hang out and have a meal here. Service from staff is good but some alertness from them can make it the best. Waiters here are all men with the high speed in serving the food to the table, complete with smile giving pleasure feeling to guest. Kindness of staff and chef in sharing about the food and service give me some good thing to learn. Some improvement can be done as for customer satisfaction and also allow disable guest to come.

For overall, David’s Brown Restaurant can be the best place to visit. With the beautiful scenery and variety of food offer will not make you regret. It is fully recommended to be here at the evening as the view is more adorable. It is really exciting and it can be an unforgettable experience. 

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